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  Learning To Write The Hebrew Letters


Learning to write in Hebrew, is basically learning to quickly scratch or write the letters and words in manual print. For now you will use this for your own studies, practice and teaching others.

Now that you know all of your letters and can identify them, it will be an easy task to write them all out.

Buy yourself a notebook and whenever you find yourself with open time, write out the entire Aleph-Bet.

You can switch off between manual print and the proto-semitic pictures for each letter, or even write and incorporate them all together. Meaning that you write two items for each letter. In the case of the Aleph, you would write the Hebrew letter Aleph and then draw a picture of an Ox Head next to it. For the Hey you would a picture of a man with his arms raised and the Hebrew letter Hey next to it (one letter and one picture each for the entire Aleph-Bet).

When I was learning, I did both. Sometimes I would write the Aleph-Bet and then below on the same page write out the hieroglyphic pictures for each. Other times I would pair the letters and hieroglyphs next to each other.

I remember the excitement inside when I could finally write them all out (with no reference) without making errors!

You can also practice writing the names and meanings at this time too.

Once you can sit and write both quickly without thinking or trying to remember, you can come back to the book and move on to the next step.

As part of this exercise learn to write your Hebrew Manual, Ancient Pictographs and Numbers to keep in practice.


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