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Revelations on the number 9
Why the number nine is taught to be the number of truth, in both Hebrew and simple mathematics

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My teaching and revelation on the Hebrew word for Prayer and the use of the Lamed
A good example to show just how visual the Hebrew language can be.

My Revelations related to the counting of Omer

This revelation will bring new understanding to the first coming of messiah, the coming and indwelling of the Holy Spirit, the third temple, second coming, etc.. There is also much about chiastics (X) and the presence of acrostics.

About Acrostics in the Bible
This includes my testimony of how I first became aware of the existence of acrostics. I will be adding much more to this section soon

Revelations on the number 9
Why the number nine is taught to be the number of truth in Hebrew and simple mathematics

A teaching on Adam being made in the image of God and my revelations of different spellings and math of Hebrew letters
These revelations will help you to see some possibilities of spelling out different words and mixing different mathematical sums with vowels

The Acronyms of Tanakh
My Revelations and teachings on the acronyms and mysteries of the Tanakh

My revelation and teaching of Bible Prophecy found in the Aleph-Bet
This is a large section filled with my thoughts that all add up to either one BIG coincidence, or God speaking rather LOUDLY!

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  Hebrew Mysteries & Revelations (The Hebrew Number of Truth)



There are SO MANY things to mention here that I am sure that I will need to edit this area from time to time. For those that are going through section to section and making your way back around, there is a small notice here too. Sum up the truth (aleph-bet). Each line: 1-9, 1-9, 1-9 (using katan) each line sums 45 (and 4+5=9). However, where I am really going with this, is the sum of God's name! (see this section) that shows God's name spelled out and the sum being 45.

Also be aware that subtracting the digital sum of ANY number from itself, will always come back to nine. Example your SSN#: Add it's digits then subtract that total and re-add. Again take note of the different spellings of the vav in God's name to understand this more clearly. The digit sum (no zeros) take yourself out of the equation (the digital sum), and we are left with God or Truth which is (9).

Nine is the number of judgment finality and divine completeness. As a result we witness a parallel to spiritual awakenings and new beginnings which is also evidenced by nine months of child birth.

There are truly some amazing things about the Aleph-Bet and the number nine. As the evidence starts to mount up, you need to ask God some questions!

One cool thing that I noticed is that if you put the Aleph-Bet in the same order as it has been in for thousands of years, but putting them in rows of 9 (and then add in the sofit and the dagesh) we get: (mispar katan & ragil ordering)

Do you think it is only a coincidence that all of the dagesh line up? Wait until you see my full teaching on this (Prophecy in Aleph-Bet).

Watch yourself: As you go through this site, you are going to start seeing a lot of 9's in MANY different revelations. Most time this will be as answers to your questions and confirmations to truth!






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