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This page is about my revelations on Adam being made in the image of God, and the possibilities of the math trail on it

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My teaching and revelation on the Hebrew word for Prayer and the use of the Lamed
A good example to show just how visual the Hebrew language can be.

My Revelations related to the counting of Omer

This revelation will bring new understanding to the first coming of messiah, the coming and indwelling of the Holy Spirit, the third temple, second coming, etc.. There is also much about chiastics (X) and the presence of acrostics.

About Acrostics in the Bible
This includes my testimony of how I first became aware of the existence of acrostics. I will be adding much more to this section soon

Revelations on the number 9
Why the number nine is taught to be the number of truth in Hebrew and simple mathematics

A teaching on Adam being made in the image of God and my revelations of different spellings and math of Hebrew letters
These revelations will help you to see some possibilities of spelling out different words and mixing different mathematical sums with vowels

The Acronyms of Tanakh

My Revelations and teachings on the acronyms and mysteries of the Tanakh

My revelation and teaching of Bible Prophecy found in the Aleph-Bet
This is a large section filled with my thoughts that all add up to either one BIG coincidence, or God speaking rather LOUDLY!

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  Hebrew Mysteries & Revelations (Adam made in God's Image)


Revelations on Adam being made in the image of God and the possibilities of the math trail on it

There are many teachings from the rabbi's that show many things about the letters of the aleph-bet: Their names; meanings as words; hieroglyphic pictures, as well as the make-up of the letters themselves (including their sums and re-sums). For example the aleph is (1) as a letter, (1000) as a word in meaning, but (111) as a sum of the Hebrew "word" aleph spelled out. However: aleph the letter is made up of three different distinct parts (other Hebrew letters) in construction which would now also sum (26).

God's name is spelled (Yod Hey Vav Hey) in Hebrew as shown below (right to left)

As we see above in the first illustration, the name Adam in Hebrew has the Sum of 45
We also see in the second illustration that the name of God in Hebrew has the Sum of 45

Is this just a coincidence? Or, could be be much more to this math then meets the eye?

Aleph is taught by the rabbi's as being God in so many ways. In one teaching God's name simply spelled out is: yod=10 + hey=5 + vav=6 + hey=5 Totals 26

Aleph is (1) and no rabbi would argue the fact that God is (1) and He alone can only identify this way. Even the letter aleph used as a prefix means "I" as in "I alone", or "I AM". So, it is no surprise that mathematically the makup of single letter aleph is made up of two yods and a vav, which would also make the letter aleph yod=10 + yod=10 + vav=6 totals 26 which now means that aleph the letter shares the sum of God's personal name.

Interesting to me is the fact that the vav () in yhvh (God's name) can itself be spelled three different ways and that there is different math for each. However, if we apply this math in EVERY different way, what do we get?

The answer to this question is AMAZED!

One reason for this is the ancient teachings and the revelations on the vav itself!

The vav is taught to be a "man", and his number is 6. A man is also taught to be many things. For example a righteous man is taught to be a Tsade(q) his number is 9 (man of truth). Interesting this letter has two forms that mean many different things. A perfect man is taught to be a Zayin his number is 7 who has a crown on his head made up of three more heads and faces like the first Zayin, and he is himself the embodiment of the meaning "Zayin". A Zayin is taught to be a sword. Not just any sword, but a sword with two edges! The Zayin is also taught to be a man that has two faces. One face that looks in two different directions (flesh & spirit that pierces and divides). A Chet who's number is 8 is made from bringing two men together (a vav and a zayin) in the picture of a marriage to make one new man (or mankind). To do this the zayin shares his crown (tagin) by making a bridge between the two men pictured as a wedding tent.

Notice this font construction of Chet teaches about how messiah shares with the bride?
The vav on the right has no tag or tagin naturally.
However the zayin has three. Clearly you see in the image above that the zayin shared his tagin to make a bridge, tent, wedding. These tags are swords, daggers or zayins themselves in construction. Each tag takes on the number 7 for perfection.

So for the word "man" we enter into a world of polysemes (same thing that means many different images or pictures in the ancient).

So not so funny here is the fact that we come up with three different types of man, in the spelling out of God's name!

THE NATURAL MAN (without God)
Notice in the Hebrew words above that this spelling is missing either the Aleph (God) or the Yod (Dove/Spirit)


In Hebrew these vowels were not written until after Messiah came. These were all oral teachings, sounded out but not seen until later when they were finally written in the Masoretic texts (only out of fear of being lost forever). These DOTs (nikkudot meaning dots but these two are likely related officially to dagesh qal) are even taught today (to help children to remember) as a boy catching a ball hitting "his stomach" and saying "oo". The shuruk is also still taught today as a boy looking up amazed saying "Oh". The actual "understanding" of this was (and still is today) for a future time. This fact is seen inside of the origin of the Hebrew grammar itself. The actual tense changes from past to future tense when we use the vav with a cholam or shurek (dot above the mans head or the dot in stomach of the man). Also take note that by adding the "dot" to the man, you now change the number of this "man" or "vav" from (6) to (7).


It is not hard to see one spelled using aleph and one spelled using yod as what is in, through and above the man. We can also understand prophecy and it's fulfillment.

This vav/man is the perfect man + truth. This is also seen in the yod – (vav-yod-vav) as the dove/yod floating above the man! Just as John the baptist said:

“And John ( filled with the spirit from the womb) bare witness, saying, I have beheld the Spirit descending as a dove out of heaven; and it abode upon him (). And I knew him not: but he that sent me to baptize in water, he said unto me, Upon whomsoever thou shalt see the Spirit descending, and abiding upon him, the same is he that baptizeth in the Holy Spirit” (John 1:32-33) Now we can visually see the two men prophesied to come "in the future" (tense).


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