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This page is about Acrostics in the Bible and my personal testimony of how I first became aware of them

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My teaching and revelation on the Hebrew word for Prayer and the use of the Lamed
A good example to show just how visual the Hebrew language can be.

My Revelations related to the counting of Omer

This revelation will bring new understanding to the first coming of messiah, the coming and indwelling of the Holy Spirit, the third temple, second coming, etc.. There is also much about chiastics (X) and the presence of acrostics.

About Acrostics in the Bible
This includes my testimony of how I first became aware of the existence of acrostics. I will be adding much more to this section soon

Revelations on the number 9
Why the number nine is taught to be the number of truth in Hebrew and simple mathematics

A teaching on Adam being made in the image of God and my revelations of different spellings and math of Hebrew letters
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The Acronyms of Tanakh
My Revelations and teachings on the acronyms and mysteries of the Tanakh

My revelation and teaching of Bible Prophecy found in the Aleph-Bet
This is a large section filled with my thoughts that all add up to either one BIG coincidence, or God speaking rather LOUDLY!

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  Hebrew Mysteries & Revelations (About Acrostics)


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Why do you think Psalm 111 and 112 are fully acrostic?
Well... what comes after?

At Passover, the scriptures tell us that messiah sung songs with his disciples. The Passover songs that Messiah and all Jewish people sing every Passover are Psalms 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118 and once again we have a fully acrostic Psalm at 119!

Here is nine again (the number of truth) if we count the Psalms:
(1) 111, (2) 112, (3) 113, (4) 114, (5) 115, (6) 116, (7) 117, (8) 118, (9) 119

Psalm 119 is broken into 22 sections and “Titled” with a word for each letter of the Aleph-Bet (Just like the acrostics here in lamentations).

Theologians say that these “titles” throughout the Psalms are actually unnumbered verses in the Bible. This means that each section has 8 verses, and a title which is an unnumbered verse to total 9. Nine is the number of TRUTH in Hebrew.

The Hebrew word for truth EMET and its total using the katan method of numbering, sums (9).

(For more information on this, see my section on the number of truth)

How did it happen that if you read these verses in Hebrew, each first letter of each first word in each verse starts with the Hebrew letter entitled for that section?

This is called Alphabetic Acrostics.

What is this?

Do you think this is important at all?

Why did you not know this before?


I will brag a minute (on God and His wisdom).

No one told me, or taught me about this!

I did not find this out by seeing it in a Hebrew Bible!

I was meditating on the word (King James Version) in Psalms 119 and noticed something strange while looking up Hebrew words in my Strong's Concordance.

In my spirit I was “squinting”, and started to get excited!

Strongs does not show the prefixes so I was hitting about 80% of words not first in order of each verse, but simply seeing the letter in the middle of verses showing up in the proper sections.

I turned to my wife and said, “this must be some kind of mystery”
Then again: “do you realize the odds (independent probability mathematics) that there would be a letter (of that section) in almost every verse?”.

However, when I searched the net and saw it in a Hebrew Bible,
I could not believe my eyes and what I had found!


It was EVERY FIRST WORD of every verse!

And then EVERY FIRST LETTER of every first word!

And each in it's own Hebrew letter group!

This was where I first learned about the awesome presence of acrostics in the Bible.

As I searched out more, as well as the reasons that it all existed in the first place, I started finding mystery on top of mystery!

Here is a picture of my first find in Psalm 119

Do you feel the awesomeness? You will never read Psalm 119 without fear and Godly reverence again! However, indulge me now as I increase the intensity of what you are experiencing even more while you browse my other revelations.

Please come back, as I will be adding more acrostics to this section later.

I will be detailing and showing my research for Psalms: 9, 10, 25, 34, 37, 111, 112, 145 Here.

I plan to also cover Psalm 119 in depth as well as Proverbs 31 and the book of Laminations all in their own sections later :-)












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